10 Minute Cardio Shred


Name of Activity:

10 Minute Cardio Shred

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Jump ropes, hula hoops, other equipment as needed as the teacher adds options to the activity.

Description of Idea

Divide class into 2 groups. One group of students will start with jump ropes and on the teacher’s signal, will begin jumping rope. While they are doing that, the other group of students will perform crunches. Students will do as many as possible for 1 minute and then on the stop signal, they will switch. The jump rope students will do crunches and the students doing crunches will jump rope. After the second minute, the activity continues but the exercise is switched to push-ups, then squats, followed by burpees, and finally planks.

You can modify the 5 exercises that go along with the jump ropes any way you want according to your age group. Encourage the students with high energy and challenge them to see if they can stick with it for the entire 10 minutes. You can also use heart rate monitor watches and check pulse throughout or at the end of the 10 minutes. Students can take their pulse with their fingers if you don’t have the watches.

Tell them how much better shape they will be in after doing this a few times. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself and you will sweat. If students cannot complete it without stopping that is okay, encourage them to take a break but we should see improvement each time they perform this.


-Start with shorter periods of time with younger students or students who are less fit
-Add exercises of varying difficulty in
-Change jumping rope to hula hoop, running in place, or other cardio exercises
-Add a “choice” minute
-Allow for rest periods
-Toggle the amount of time involved.
-If in wheelchair, use stretch cord instead of jump rope.
-Modify the push ups to the knee push ups.

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