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Rolling a Ball to a Target Game

Rolling a Ball to a Target Game

by | Oct 14, 2017 | Kindergarten, Playground Balls, Preschool | 0 comments

Equipment required:

One ball for each student – Playground Balls, Squish Balls, Easy Grip Balls, etc

Targets: Pylons, Bowling Pins, Plastic Soft Drink Bottles, Pictures taped to wall

Description of Game:

Set up various targets around the activity area. Before moving to the targets demonstrate to children how to roll the ball–stress NO BOUNCE is present in a roll, and show them the difference. Demonstrate how to “push” the ball from a seated position then progress to standing. (This helps to eliminate the “throwing” urge). After several rolling attempts, move students to specified targets, and have them practice knocking things over, hitting pictures, etc. Have students reset targets on their own.


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