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Rolling Around the Continents

Learn the continents with Physical education games

Learn the continents with Physical education games.

Academic content:

Social Studies

Purpose of Activity:

The students will practice throwing skills by rolling a ball at a target. They will also be learning about the location of the seven continents, the equator, and the northern and southern hemispheres.

Activity cues:

Review the proper cues for rolling a ball at a target.


Review with students the social studies information about the continents. Review with students the cues for throwing a rolling ball.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Cones/signs with the name of each continent, the equator, the north and south hemispheres, and the names of the oceans; colored balls for each student or beanbags.

Physical activity:

Rolling or advancing to throwing

Description of Idea

The children will discuss the names of the seven continents and their location on earth. Practice saying the continents and review the use of various locomotor movements moving around the continents, with emphasis on north, south, equator, etc.

Once students have an understanding of the names and location of the continents, line students up at the end of the room, side by side. Give each student a colored ball to hold. The children will practice rolling the ball on command and try to hit the continent cones. The teacher will hold up a specific color ball (use 4-5 different colored balls) and only those children with a specified color will roll at that time. After rolling the ball, the student then travels, using the locomotor skill designated by the teacher, to that continent.

Children will try to roll their ball from continent to continent for a trip around the world. Encourage each child to aim for all seven continents aiming for the closest continent to them, repeating the continent name when they hit that continent. Encourage children to practice for accuracy in their roll.

Children continue to roll the ball and to move from continent to continent. Continent names and pictures are on the cones.


Place students on all sides of the room to allow more children to be active at one time.

Use bean bags to toss at the cones for a higher level of throwing ability.

Assessment Ideas:

Children are encouraged to repeat the names of the continents and label them on a world map.

Have the students list the primary cues to remember when rolling a ball at a target.

Teaching Suggestions:

Place a map of the world on an overhead or make a book available for the children to use if they need assistance.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Students with disabilities can be paired up with a partner for the throwing activities.

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