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Hacky Sac Cobra Activity

Name of Activity:

Hacky Sac Cobra

Purpose of Activity:

Maintain balance while cobra is attacking other cobras

Activity cues:

Balance, eyes on Cobra


Self and General space, Respect

Suggested Grade Level:

K -8

Materials Needed:

Hacky Sacs (footbags) for every student. Hockey Pucks or Beanbags may be used. Music.

Description of Activity

As students enter the gym, have them pick up one hacky sac and place it on the back of their dominant hand (not the palm). The elbow should be fairly close to the body, with the balanced hacky sac somewhere between a middle and high level (resembling a cobra). The non-dominant hand should be placed behind the back – it will not be used in this activity unless specified by the teacher. Explain to the students that they will be moving throughout general space as they balance the hacky sac on the back of their hand. As they travel, they may attempt to knock another student’s sac off of their hand.

The catch? Students may only use their dominant hand (the one with the balanced hacky sac) to knock off another student’s hacky sac. This is more difficult that it seems! Many students will lose their own hacky sac as they make a move for another. If a hacky sac falls off at any time, the student must stop traveling and perform a movement/exercise of the teacher’s choice. For example, pass the hacky sac around your waist 5 times. Once completed, the student immediately places the sac back on the hand and resumes the activity.

Once dominate hand is mastered try using the non-dominate hand to balance and keep dominate hand behind back.

1. The non-dominant hand must remain behind the back.
2. You may not touch another student’s hand or body as you attempt to unbalance their hacky sac.
3. Respect everyone’s personal space.
4. Give students time to replace their hacky sac before moving in to unbalance it.


Begin with walking then try other locomotive skills. Use dominate and non-dominate hands.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Have students practice without attempting to knock off another student’s hacky sac – simply balance and travel throughout general space.


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