Bocce Ball Golf


Name of Activity:

Bocce Ball Golf

Purpose of Activity:

This activity was developed for an adapted PE class during a bocce ball unit. Students learned the basics of bocce ball, the object of the game, and had worked on developing ball control through various activities prior to the introduction of this game. Bocce ball golf is a fun way to reinforce those concepts while allowing the student to focus on their own performance.


Theses prerequisites are not essential but may help students with disabilities or younger students understand what they are trying to do. 1) correct technique to roll a bocce ball 2) small sided bocce ball games

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

10 polyspots (preferably different colors), 10 half cones (preferably different colors), 10 large cones/ flags, 10 medium sized target balls, 1 bocce ball per student, score cards, pencils

Description of Idea

Course set up:

To create each “hole” place 10 colored polyspots, with a same-colored half cone on top, at various locations around a field. Place a target ball on the top of each half cone. Mark a “tee” for each hole by placing a large cone where you would like the students to tee off from. The size of the field you use and the terrain you choose will be determined by class size, grade,and ability.

Score cards can be made by using index cards with colors or numbers listed for each hole

How to play:

Assign each student, or a pair of students, to a tee color or number to start at. Each student needs a bocce ball, preferably a different colored or marked one from the person they are working with.

Students tee off with their bocce ball throw and, like golf, try to take the least number of throws to knock target ball off the half cone. Each time they take a throw, they record it on their card.

After completing one hole student’s move to the tee for the next hole and continue until they have completed the course.

Other Rules:

1. The ball has to remain low to the ground, and not be thrown high in the air.
2. Once the first person in each pair has taken their turn, their partner can throw.
3. If a group catches up to another group in front, they must wait until that group has finished the hole before starting it.

Assessment Ideas:

1. Create a par for each hole and have students compare their score in each hole to the par and ask students to evaluate their performance

2. If space and equipment allows, have students create their own bocce ball golf courses in small groups, and play different groups on different courses.

3. Hold a Q&A session on golf scoring, comparison to the game of golf.

Teaching Suggestions:

Reinforce that students are to roll the ball, not throw the ball as they navigate the course.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

This activity was initially developed for an adapted PE class and using colored coded holes helped the students identify where the next hole was. Students used a tally system to record the number of throws taken per hole.

1. Numbered flags could be used for each hole or tee instead of colored cones.
2. Students who have trouble recording their throws could be given a popsicle stick for each throw they make.
3. Hoops could be used to mark the “green” for each hole and if a student has difficulty in throwing precisely enough to knock the target ball off, give them the goal of either touching the polyspot, half cone, or making it into the hoop with their ball.
4. The bocce ball golf course could be expanded or shortened according to group ability and size.

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