Name of Activity:


Purpose of Activity:

To practice: (a) passing/catching and throwing, (b) individual defensive (marking) and offensive (getting free) in a game-like situation.


Previous practice with “over-head” passing/throwing and catching has taken place.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

1 (0ne) handball (size 2) or substitute ball for each game played, cones, color vests/jerseys, Game Diagram

Description of Idea

Two co-ed teams of equal numbers of students (4-7) compete to score as many points as they can within a set time by knocking down cones (4-6) placed in their opponents’ respective goal areas.

The goal areas are off limits for both attackers and defenders except for throw-ins. All shots at the cones and defensive actions such as steals, interceptions and blocks must take place outside the goal areas.

The game starts with team captains trying to win first possession during a jump ball in the middle of the field. The game is played according to the no-body contact rule. Players are allowed dribbling, passing, catching, holding the ball for three (3) seconds and making three (3) steps with a ball. Kicking, double dribble and traveling create a turnover situation from the spot where it was committed. A free-throw is a simple pass made by one player to another to restart the game.

All shots on cones should be made with one hand, preferably using overhand technique. A point is scored when the cone gets knocked down by the throw’s impact. After each point, the team that was scored upon restarts the game with a throw-in executed by the team’s captain from within the goal area.

A penalty shot is awarded and taken by the designated player from the line marking the goal area in two situations: (a) when a defender enters his/her goal area for the intentional purpose of keeping the opponents from scoring, and (b) when a defender fouls an offensive player who attempts to take a shot from the goal area line.

If the ball goes out of bounds, the game is restarted by a player from the opposite team with a throw-in made from the sideline where the ball left the field.

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Teaching Suggestions:

As an assessment tool students may participate verbally in an in-class critical skills/behaviors self-assessment. They may also complete a written reflection on how they feel they played and what they think will help them to improve.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

All students with the functional upper extremities can participate in the activity. If a student has only one healthy arm, assign a catching buddy to assist in catching. A wheelchair version of the game is also possible.

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