Counting on Groceries


Name of Activity:

Counting on Groceries

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose of the activity is to have the children moving in the gymnasium and learning about healthy food choices as well as doing a little basic math.


Counting to 6. Have some basic ideas of what good foods look like.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Enough foam dice so that each child has one Lots of plastic foods
Two reusable shopping bags
4 green baskets (depending on how much “go food” you have)
2 red baskets (depending on how much “whoa food” you have)

Description of Idea

Place on shopping bag with lots of food choices in it toward one end of the play space. Place the other shopping bag also with lots of food choices in it toward the other end of the play space. This allows for more movement and less traffic jams. Place the color baskets in the center of the play space. The green baskets represent the “Go Foods – healthy food choices” and the red baskets represent “Whoa Foods – foods we can only eat every once in a while”. Each child will get 1 die. They will take the die to a self space and roll the die one time. After rolling the die they need to count the spots. Each spot represents a piece of food they can get at the grocery store (shopping bags). Once they collect the correct amount of food from the bag to match the roll of the die they bring the food back to the baskets. Once at the baskets they sort the food into the green basket for go foods and red basket for whoa foods. After sorting the foods they go back to their die and roll again. They continue to do this until the shopping bags are empty and the food is all sorted. After all food is sorted bring the children back to the center of the play area. Have them sit in a circle so they can all see the baskets. As the children to identify the foods in the basket and evaluate to see if they placed the foods in the correct baskets.

Assessment Ideas:

I was able to assess if the students could count to six by watching their die roll and seeing how many pieces of food they took when going to the shopping bag. I was able able to watch the children sort the food and see if they were sorting correctly for the food choices they had. As a group I was able to assess the overall outcome by how successful they were overall with the sorting activity.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Kids with mobility problems could have an adult bring a basket to them so they could sort easier. Kids with visual difficulties could have the food identified for them and then have them tell another child or adult what basket to place to the food in. Kids could work in pairs if a child has trouble counting the spots on the die.

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