Croquet Health Review


Name of Activity:

Croquet Health Review

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose of this activity is to review health facts while learning and enjoying the game of croquet.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Croquet sets
clip boards
Health facts that you would like the class to review

Description of Idea

Croquet review can be a fun way for your class to review important health facts. First you need to identify nine facts that you want your students to know. Set up your croquet fields the same as you would for a typical croquet game. On each wicket place a health fact question. As students play the game they carry a clip board with them. Once they shoot their ball through the wicket they have to answer the health question that is taped to the wicket on their health facts sheet/clipboard. As a closure have all the students check their answers with your assistance or as a group review or with another team of students.

Some sample questions include:

1) Why should you not take your pulse with your thumb?
Ans: Because your thumb has its own pulse!

2) Why should you always warm up before you stretch your muscles?
Ans: Because your muscle is made of fibers. If you stretch those fibers without warming up first, the fibers will tear. Warm-up exercises increase blood flow= happy muscles are now ready to stretch!

3) How does physical activity help you in school?
Ans: Physical activity helps to increase blood flow to your brain. Blood brings oxygen to your brain helping your brain to work at top levels and to help you to concentrate better on your studies!

4) Identify three health risk factors that regular exercise and eating right will help you to avoid?
Ans: High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity

5) What are three junk foods that you eat each week? What can you eat that is avalible at our concession stand instead?
Ans: Celery and carrots, fruit, string cheese, pickles

6) How much water should you drink each day to be properly hydrated? Ans: You should drink 6-8 glasses a day!

7) What is the leading cause of death in the united states?
Ans: Lung cancer

8) What are the four health components of fitness that we test via fitness testing and what do they test for? Push ups=Muscular strength, Sit and Reach=Flexibility, Jogging/Walking=Cardiovascular and Pullups=Upper body strength

9) How many bones are in the human body? Can you name five?
Ans: 206

Assessment Ideas:

This activity can be used either as a pre-test, review or as the quiz itself!

Teaching Suggestions:

If at all possible, be sure each student has their own individual equipment to eliminate sharing of equipment.

Include an alternate activity, so that if one group is slower, there is no backup of students waiting. A jog around the gym is better than standing while waiting a turn.

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