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Easter Egg Hunt


Name of Activity:

Easter Egg Hunt

Purpose of Activity:

To perform and improve upon specific locomotor skills after recognizing the letters that associate with each locomotor skill.


prior knowledge of how to perform locomotor movements

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

plastic Easter eggs, marked on the inside with the following letters: sl, sk, h, j, r, g, l, and w (either write the letters with a permanent marker or apply masking tape to the inside of the egg and write the letter on the tape); a poster telling what each of the letters represent (sl=slide, sk=skip, r=run, g=gallop, j=jump, h=hop, l=leap, w=walk); a large Easter basket to hold all the eggs; music and cd player — Have enough eggs for at least one per student, plus several extra.

Description of Idea

Before the class enters the gym, have the eggs scattered around the designated space. Explain to the students that they will be going on an Easter egg hunt. Students will walk over to an egg, pick it up, open it, and look for the letter or letters inside. Then they will look at the poster to see which locomotor skill each letter represents. They will then close the egg, set it back on the floor and perform that locomotor skill over to another egg. Continue this activity until everyone has performed most or all of the locomotor skills or until you are done observing the locomotor skills. When the activity is done, have students return the eggs to the Easter basket.


To extend the length of time the students perform each locomotor skill, use music to cue them. When the music starts, they begin performing the locomotor skill. When the music stops, they go to another egg. Tell students to wait for the music to start before performing the skill.

Assessment Ideas:

Observe students performing the locomotor movements and check to see if they can figure out the locomotor movement each letter represents.

Teaching Suggestions:

Those who struggle with their letters can be paired with someone to help them out with reading.

The poster can also have pictures of each skill being performed.

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