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Fast Food Field Trip


Name of Activity:

Fast Food Field Trip

Purpose of Activity:

The goal of this lesson is to open the students’ eyes on the amount of calories that are in fast food restaurants foods and compare them to how many calories they actually require.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Fast Food Menus from a variety local Fast Food Restaurants.


Handouts for data recording.

Description of Idea

The students will enter the room and have a “kickoff” question (anticipatory set) that states “How many calories do you think are in a average fast food meal you eat”. This will get the students thinking about caloric intake and about their personal food intake.

The classroom will be set up into four stations. At the station there will be a menu from a fast food restaurant. The students will travel from station to station in groups and make up a list of the foods they eat with the corresponding nutrition information. Once the students have gone around once to all the stations, I will talk about how many calories the students require compared to what they ate in a single meal. During this time I will speak about BMR and have the students calculate their BMR (Basil Metabolic Rate). During this time we will also talk about obesity trends and how America obesity rates are growing. The students will also view visuals of the trends of obesity based on BMI. I will then have the students go around to the station again but this time they must make a healthy choice and see what the difference is between their first and second trip.

At the conclusion of the lesson I will ask the students how many calories they cut from the first round to the second round of the activity. I will also ask the students what they will do from now on to make healthier choices.

Assessment Ideas:

To assess this activity, I will have the students’ write a one page reaction paper. The paper will be based the premise of fast food calorie intake compared to the calories one needs per day.

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