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Fitness-Concepts, Principles, and Benefits


Name of Activity:

Fitness-Concepts, Principles, and Benefits

Purpose of Activity:

Assess the cognitive concepts related to heatlh related Fitness in a “real life based” authentic assessment.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Markers/crayons, a piece of regular sized paper tri-folded into six panels

Time Needed to Complete:

2 week homework assignment

Description of Idea

This is a fifth grade culminating project that is used to assess the cognitive concepts taught in our Fitness Unit. Students created a tri-fold fitness pamphlet where each “panel” of the pamphlet must include specific cognitive aspects taught in class. Students were prompted with the following using a assignment sheet. The rubrics included here were organized by points in grids so students could see exactly what each panel must include. The project was worth 21 points.

“You have just started your own business making $120,000 a year! Your business is a new fitness center located near Walmart. Your job is to design an informative tri-fold fitness pamphlet for your customers. Your pamphlet must include the following:

Panel #1 – a unique title with a hand drawn color illustration, your name, and your teacher’s name

Panel #2 – a persuasive paragraph encouraging exercise, fitness, or an active lifestyle.

Panel #3 – a definition for health related Physical Fitness and the five fitness components we discussed in class.

Panel #4 – the benefits of exercise

Panel #5 – the FITT principle

Panel #6 – Prescription for aerobic and muscular endurance using the FITT principle

You can use the paper we folded in class as a rough draft. Your final copy is due on (Insert Date) and the rubrics for each panel are located on the reverse side of this assignment.”

Scoring Rubric:

Panel #1- FRONT COVER worth four points
4-unique title
creative colorful illustration
first and last name
teacher’s name
3-somewhat unique title
somewhat creative color illustration
includes first and last name
2-unrelated title
computer generated or pencil drawing and missing on of
the components (title, illustration, name, teacher’s
1- missing two or more of required components

Panel #2-PARAGRAPH worth four points
4-three or more clearly defined supporting statements
towards the importance of exercise, fitness, or an
active lifestyle
3-gives two clearly defined supporting statements towards the importance of exercise, fitness, or an active lifestyle
2- one clearly defined supporting statement
1-no supporting statements that are clearly defined

4-defines physical fitness
five fitness components with concise defintions for each
3- missing one of the defintions or components
2-missing two to three definitions or components
1- missing four or more definitions or components

Panel #4-BENEFITS worth 3 points
3-uses a graphic organizer to show 7 or more benefits of
aerobic exercise
2- uses a graphic organizer to show 5 to 6 benefits
1- uses four or less

Panel #5-EXERCISE PRINCIPLE worth three points
3-includes all four parts of the exercise principle with explanations
2- includes three parts
1- includes two or less

Panel #6-EXERCISE PRINCIPLE USE- three points
3-uses the exercise principle to correctly prescribe
exercise for both the heart and muscles
2-uses the exercise principle to correctly prescribe
for either the heart or muscles
1- doesn’t use the exercise principle correctly prescribe
exercise for either

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