Food Frenzy


Name of Activity:

Food Frenzy

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Description of Idea

Have the students imagine they are the food that is stored in the kitchen pantry or refrigerator. The teacher is the cook. As the cook decides what food to cook they call it out. Students will perform various exercises of the food that is called as indicated below.

Popcorn – Jump up and down like popcorn in a pan
Bacon – Lie on the floor and stomp your feet like bacon frying in a pan.
Carmel Popcorn – move like your feet and hands are sticking to the floor and you have to pull them off.
Swiss cheese – Stand with your arms making a circle like the holes in Swiss cheese.
Slurpie – Rise up from the ground like a Slurpie filling a cup.
Scrambled eggs – Move around in the play area like eggs that are being stirred in a pan.
Pretzel – Stand up with hands crossed above your heads and your legs crossed like a twisted pretzel
Sausage – Curl up in a ball on your side like a sausage patty.
Fruit Roll-Up – Log roll across the floor.
Pizza – Stand up with feet wide apart and hands together above your head like a slice of pizza
Hardboiled Egg – Sit on the floor, pull your knees to your chest and wrap your arms around your knees.
Popsicle – Stand up straight and tall as if you are a frozen Popsicle.
Melting Ice Cream – “Melt” to the floor from a standing position.
Whipped Cream – run in place and rotate your arms like a Hand Mixer

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