Go for the Gold!


Name of Activity:

Go for the Gold!

Purpose of Activity:

To demonstrate competency in locomotor skills needed to perform a variety of physical activities.


Students should be able to travel safely in general space and have prior practice performing locomotor movements.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

cones to mark boundaries, one hula hoop per child (colors of the Olympic rings-blue/black/red/yellow/green), flags of countries (one per child), pictures of Olympic events, CD player, energetic music, whistle

Description of Idea

Discuss that a special event happens every four years called the Olympics and one country is selected to host both the summer and winter Olympics. Additionally, explain that the best athletes from over 200 countries meet in one place to “Go for the Gold” and a gold medal is given for first place.

An Olympic ring was created to represent the continents of the world. The colors of the rings reflect the flag colors of the countries (blue, black, red, yellow, and green). Explain that the colored hula-hoops represent the colors of the Olympic Ring.

Use a “Parade of Nations” as a warm-up. Athletes proudly carry their flag as they march around in general space.

After the warm-up, students scatter and stand inside an Olympic ring (hoop). Show pictures of Olympic events and allow time for students to act them out.

Summer Games–Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Cycling, Soccer, Equestrian, Gymnastics, Archery, Baseball, Swimming, Badminton, Boxing, Canoeing/kayaking, Diving, Track and Field, Fencing, Field Hockey, Rowing, Weightlifting, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Triathlon, Water Polo, Volleyball

Winter Games–Biathlon, Bob Sleigh, Ice hockey, Curling, Skating (speed, ice), Luge, Snowboard, Skiing (alpine, cross country, freestyle, jumping, Nordic combined)

The activity begins once students have an understanding of the movements involved for the Olympic events. When the music starts or whistle blown, students step outside of the “rings” and travel safely in general space performing the locomotor skill called out (walking, running, hopping, jumping, galloping, sliding, leaping, skipping). When they hear “Go for the Gold,” they quickly get in an “Olympic Ring” (hoop) that’s close by and act out any Olympic event until the music stops or they hear the sound of the whistle. Continue until all locomotor skills have been performed at least once. Encourage students to act out a different Olympic event each time they get in an “Olympic Ring”.

At the end of the lesson, ask “How many of you won a GOLD medal?”


Assign a specific motor skill to each colored hoop (i.e., red hoop: run when the music starts or whistle blown).

Color code the hoops and have an Olympic skill designated for each color (i.e., red hoop: swimming; green hoop: ice hockey).

Assessment Ideas:

Using a teacher checklist, note the students locomotor skill performance.

Teaching Suggestions:

To help children remember different events/sports, post pictures of the Olympic events.

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