Healthy Eaters


Name of Activity:

Healthy Eaters

Purpose of Activity:

* To improve upon the skill of underhand and/or overhand throwing.
* To integrate and reinforce the concept of healthy foods (fruits, veggies, grains, dairy, water) vs. unhealthy foods (french fries, chips, candy, soda).


knowledge of the different food groups

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

(1) appropriate objects to throw (bean bags, yarn balls, &/or other soft objects), (2) one hula hoop for every two to three students, (3) poly spots marked with pictures of unhealthy foods (i.e., laminated pictures attached to poly spot with tape), (4) large laundry basket or other object into which students can throw beanbags/balls (can also mark area using cones or floor tape)

Description of Idea

Every student is designated as a “Healthy Food Police Officer.” Each group of 2-3 students will have one of the hoops placed around the perimeter of the activity area designated as their “Police Car.” Each police car contains a variety of healthy foods (i.e., beanbags & other objects that can be thrown). The large laundry basket, designated as “the mouth,” is placed in the center of the activity area. Marked poly spots are scattered throughout the activity area. (Be aware of students’ throwing abilities while placing the poly spots.)

The teacher will tell the class that today they are going to be “Healthy Food Police.” Their job as police officers is to stop unhealthy foods from getting into someone’s mouth by replacing them with healthy foods. Hold up examples from a “Police Car” while asking students to name a healthy food that can correspond with the color or other attribute of the object. Allow students to suggest several ideas. This allows the teacher to know, and correct if necessary, students’ perception of what foods can be considered healthy foods.

The Healthy Food Police (students) will work in teams to get healthy food (beanbags) into the mouth and unhealthy food (poly spots) into their police cars. Students accomplish this by standing on the unhealthy foods and throwing a piece of healthy food into the mouth. If the healthy food stays in the mouth they pick up that piece of unhealthy food (poly spot) and place it into their police car. If the healthy food does not land in the mouth, they leave that unhealthy piece of food on the floor, allowing another student to throw from that spot.

Challenge students to practice proper throwing techniques each time they try to throw healthy food into the “mouth.” Challenge higher-skilled throwers to throw from more distant poly spots. If using cones to designate “the mouth,” the size of the target (mouth) can be changed according to the skill levels of the children.

When play slows down, or when most of the poly spots are in the “Police Cars,” stop the game. Review concepts and skills, then play game again.

Assessment Ideas:

At the end of class hold up different colored yarn balls or bean bags and ask student for a healthy food that is the same color as the yarn ball or bean bag that you are holding up. Ask students to name the cues they used while throwing into “the mouth.”

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Students with disabilities (i.e., wheelchair) can use the poly spots that are closest to the target, or partner with a student that can pick up items off the floor or assist in other ways that are necessary for that individual. Lower skilled children should be encouraged to throw from poly spots closer to “the mouth.”

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