Hoop Saver Square Dance Tag


Name of Activity:

Hoop Saver Square Dance Tag

Purpose of Activity:

Learn Square Dance steps with a peer as they play Hoop Saver Square Dance Tag. Students will also be able to access their peers while they repeat the cue words while doing the square dance skills that their hoop saver is designated.


Basic square dance steps-Do si Do, Right & left arm swing, promenade, curtsy& bow and right & left hand star dance steps.

Suggested Grade Level:

3 – 5

Materials Needed:

Hoop Saver Square Dance Tag picture cards (do-si-do, bow/curtsey to partner, right arm swing, left arm swing, right hand star, left hand star are explained on different colored cards with pictures of the teachers doing each move), color coordinated poly spots, and yarn balls for tagging

Recommended music:

Cotton Eyed Joe or Mountain Music by Alabama

Description of Idea

Review how to tag someone with a yarn ball (tap, not smack, no throwing and being honest when tagged).

Pick students who will be taggers with the yarn ball. (You may have to increase or decrease the number of taggers depending on the flow of the game). The students move around the designated playing area doing a locomotor skill called by the teacher

Select 6 students who will be the “hoop savers” holding the square dance cards.

The “hoop savers” stand by their color-coordinated polyspot. If the right arm swing is on a red card, then they stand by the red polyspot.

When a student gets tagged, they freeze and raise their hands and say “Yeah Hah” till one of the “hoop savers” comes over and leads them to their polyspot. The “hoop saver” shows the square dance card to the other student and demonstrates the move. They both do the square dance move around the polyspot, and then the tagged student is free to go back into the game.

There are cues highlighted on the back of the cards so the the ‘hoop saver’ can peer assessment.

Change “hoop savers” and taggers every 1.5 – 2 minutes.

Assessment Ideas:

Watching the ‘hoop savers’ peer assess, using the guide on the back of their card.

Teaching Suggestions:

At the end of the Instant Activity review all steps again with the whole class.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

There is a picture of the PE specialists doing the actual dance step.


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