Hot Air Balloon Ride


Name of Activity:

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Purpose of Activity:

To encourage and reinforce positive and safe behavior in the Physical Education environment through a rewards system.


To encourage students as a class to behave appropriately in physical education class.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Reward coupons; one balloon per class; (each balloon needs to have a different color or theme for easy identification and a clothes pin so it can be attached to the string. Balloons can be made with construction paper or three dimensional by using a spongy ball cut in half and some string to attach a basket); string to go around the gymnasium; clothes pins to attach the balloons and rewards to the string; landmarks (to be marked with a symbol of some type – star or a picture of the landmark).

Description of Idea

Begin by setting up the balloons and the pathway on which they will travel. The string should go around the entire gymnasium and have as many destinations as possible. The more places to go to, the harder classes will need to work to get there. Each destination should be marked with a picture of the place or a symbol. You may want to work with the homeroom teacher to see what the students are learning in social studies. For example, if they are learning about Europe your destinations could be the Eiffel Tower or Buckingham Palace. Each class will be represented by a specific colored/themed balloon. As each class demonstrates enthusiasm, safe practices, good listening, and 100% effort along with following classroom rules they will be awarded points. It takes 5 points to move from one place to the next, points may also be deducted for poor behavior (this number may vary based on needs). Classes will compete against other classes to get to the final destination. This program can run either half a year and start over again or last the entire year. Each time a class reaches the final destination they can earn a prize.

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