Jeopardy/Lightning Round Review Game


Name of Activity:

Jeopardy/Lightning Round Review Game

Purpose of Activity:

This lesson is to help students review and understand the health material for a test or quiz.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Jumbo Note cards
“That was Easy” Staple button

Description of Idea

1. Teacher will divide the class equally into four teams.
2. Each team will choose on the board what category and points the question is worth on the board to answer. The amount of points is determines by the difficulty of question.
3. If the group answers the question right that team will receive points that was on the card.
4. If a group gets it wrong, then the next group will have a turn answering the question. If the other team steals/answers it correctly that team earns double the points.
5. Each team must choose each category once before choosing the same category twice. This will help students answers questions from each category

B. Lightning Round
1. If teams are tied or running time we will head to the lightning round
2. Two teams will bring a student up to the front of the class to represent their team. The will face each other with the “Easy Button” in front of them.
3. The teacher will ask a question to the students that are in front of the room. The student who presses the “Easy Button” first and answer the question correctly will win their team 2
4. At the end of the game, the team who wins will receive a prize.

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