Jock Jams Warm Up


Name of Activity:

Jock Jams Warm Up

Purpose of Activity:

To warm up class prior to PACER test and other Fitnessgram Tests and/or to warm up for general activity purposes.


Students should have prior understanding of the Fitnessgram tests that you use in school and how to preform test correctly.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Music from ESPN, Jock Jams, “You Ready 4 This” Vol. 1

Description of Idea

The calistheinics/ exercises done to music are used to warm the student up for class, and to focus on specific elements of the Fitnessgram test (sit and reach-flexiblity, curl-ups-abdominal strength,and push-ups-upper body strength.)

When listening to the rhythm of the song, 1 count equals 2 beats

Begin right after you hear…..You Ready 4 This
8 counts/16 beats Jumping Jacks( perform 8 jacks)
8 counts/16 beats Run in Place/quick sprints
16 counts/ 32 Cross Crawls (alternate front first 8 counts then back last 8 counts)
8 counts/16 Sit and Reach (right leg)
8 counts/16 Sit and Reach (left leg)
16 counts/32 beats Curl Ups (perform 8) I alternate push ups after one sequence

Repeat sequence 2 times

Assessment Ideas:

The Fitnessgram Tests is used to assess flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, push-ups curl ups and sit and reach tests.

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