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Line Up Drill


Name of Activity:

Line Up Drill

Purpose of Activity:

This lesson is used during the first class of the year to add some excitement during establishment of essential classroom agreements and establishment of a warm-up routine


Listening skills, following directions, self-control.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:


Description of Idea

Use the line up drill during the initial class of the school year. Assign students into 4 lines spaced out evenly according to the class roster and place them alphabetically starting with the A’s in line one to the Z’s in line four.
Give the children some time to become familiar with their lines and who is next to them. Then tell the students to scatter about the gym to their own personal spot. After the whistle, time the class to see which line can get into the correct spot the quickest without touching anyone. As a variation try as a whole class seeing how long it takes students to reach their spot.

Use various locomotor skills to ensure safety!

Assessment Ideas:

Tell students that the timer not stop until each and every student is lined up in their correct assigned spot.

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