Musical Soccer Cones


Name of Activity:

Musical Soccer Cones

Purpose of Activity:

Students will have the chance to practice their soccer dribbling and additonal soccer skills through movement and station work.

Activity cues:

Dribbling cues are inside and outside of foot, keep ball close in a variety of pathways and uses a controlled stop.


Teacher should have demonstrated the proper cues of the soccer dribble and allowed some practice time. Review the soccer skills used for the station work, as well as trapping techniques.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

1 soccer ball per student, 6 large cones, 6 station signs, music player and music.

Description of Idea

The stations are set up along the perimeter of the gym in a rectangle formation. Put one large cone and the description sign at each section. Explain each station and review the dribbling cues. Have enough soccer balls at each station so that each student has one.

Divide the class into six groups. Assign a station to each group as a starting location.

Station 1- soccer juggling
Station 2- soccer ball tricks (teacher-given or create-your-own)
Station 3- tick tock (moving soccer ball between the inside part of their feet back and forth)
Station 4- soccer pushups (performing push ups with soccer ball under chest. When going down, touch ball to chest then return to up position)
Station 5- soccer toe touches (ball on ground and tap ball with toe foot alternating left right)
Station 6- drop trap (hold soccer ball at head level, drop ball down to ground and trap it)

When the music starts the students are asked to dribble their soccer ball around the perimeter of the gym passing the station cones. Once the music stops, the students go to the closest cone and performs that station. The activity continues through the use of music stopping randomly as the students are dribbling in a control manner and attempting to trap the ball when the music stops.


I have placed additional cones down as obstacles between the station pathways for students to avoid hitting while dribbling. I have added defenders on gym lines attempting to stop students from dribbling around the perimeter too. If a child lost control, hit a cone or their ball gets touched by a defender they perform a dribble weave down and around three cones and rejoin the activity.

Assessment Ideas:

I have my soccer dribble assessment form with the three cues listed and I have a chance to observe how well students can perform their dribbling skills. When I stop the music I can remind the class the proper cues of dribbling. I can pull students over and remind them individually of the cues they need to practice as others are engaged dribbling as the music is playing.

Teaching Suggestions:

Remind students they need to participate at each station before they are allowed to do any station for the second time. This will keep students from only going to their favorite station.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

This activity is not about speed, but control. Students who find the dribbling challenging due to their disabilty may go slow. When in groups there could be “buddies” to assist any child in need around the gym or at the stations.

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