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My Pyramid Food Relay


Name of Activity:

My Pyramid Food Relay

Purpose of Activity:

To help the students understand the different food groups, make a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu using the proper number of food groups per day.


Review the different food groups

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Pencils, menu worksheet, cones, food group picture cards (you will want a lot of these), food group styrofoam/paper plates, My Pyramid information sheets (

Description of Idea

Discuss the different food groups and how many servings of each. Ask what the relationship is between the division of the pyramid and the different food groups (Grains is largest because you need more grains than the other food groups while oil is smallest because you need the least of this group).

Grains-9 servings- whole grain bread, cereal, pasta.
Vegetables- 4 servings- green beans, carrots
Fruits- 3 servings-apple, orange, juice
Milk-3 servings-milk, ice cream, cheese
Meat/beans- 2 servings- meat, chicken, fish, nuts (vegetarians can have soy and beans_
Oils- not really a food group, but you need 2 small servings-butter, oil

Put 3 –4 students in relay formation. Each group has 5 plates marked with a food group and the number of servings for that food group to put the food group picture cards. They also have a menu worksheet to be filled out with the food group picture cards they have collected. The plates, food group pictures and the menus have been color coordinated (the dairy plate would have blue writing, while the diary pictures all have blue dots on them). In addition have available laminated My Pyramid info sheets.

The first person in each relay skips to the center and picks up 1 food group picture card, skips back to his line and tags the cone with the foot. The next person in line then takes their turn to run and pick up a food group picture.

While waiting, the students put the food group picture cards in the correct food group plate. In addition, students will work individually on creating a menu for 3 daily meals with the food group picture cards they have collected for their group. The group is finished when students have all their food group servings and a menu for the day. If a person in the group completes their menu before others are done they can then assist their teammates.

Menu Worksheet

Assessment Ideas:

Seeing if the students are writing the proper number and food item on their menu worksheet.

Teaching Suggestions:

Find pictures of food via the web and laminate them. It takes some time to print and laminate, but it’s worth it.

Have students share the menu they have created with other students in the class.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

The plates, food pictures and the menus are all color coordinated.

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