Personal Health – Evaluation


Name of Activity:

Personal Health – Evaluation

Purpose of Activity:

1. To encourage students to improve personal health habits.

2. To help students be more aware of their personal health habits and how health habits can affect overall health.

3. To help students evaluate their own health habits, practices and attitudes, and think about what they can do to improve their own personal health.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Personal Health – Evaluation Sheet

Personal Health Evaluation Point Score Sheet

Description of Idea

This activity can be used before teaching unit on “Personal Health Habits”, to allow students to assess their own health habits, or it can be used anytime! The activity consists of a Questionaire which will allow each student to assess their own personal health habits and attitudes. There is a ‘Point Score Sheet’ which will allow students to ‘add up their points’ and determine if their health habits are adequate or not. If not, there are suggestions for students on how to improve health habits and attitudes for a healthier life.

Personal Health – Evaluation Sheet

Personal Health Evaluation Point Score Sheet

Assessment Ideas:

Students assess themselves, but teacher can use point score total as an assessment tool — at beginning of school year, and again at end of school year, to see of there has been improvement.

Teaching Suggestions:

You may want to draw up a confidentiality agreement with the students that you sign so they feel good about providing this information and that you are the only one that will know about it.

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