Rainy Day Fitness


Name of Activity:

Rainy Day Fitness

Suggested Grade Level:

3 – 5

Materials Needed:

20+ laminated Rain Drop Cards with exercises and reps (cut into the shape of rain drops)

Rainy Day Music (“Rain, Rain Go Away”; “Rain Drops Are Falling on My Head”)

Description of Idea

We usually perform this activity for about 5-7 minutes when we have a rainy day and it is too wet to go outside.

Before students enter class I place the “Rain Drops” all over the gym. When students enter the gym they will run from card to card performing the exercises on the backs of the rain drop cards.

When they finish with 1 exercise they should lay the card back on the ground face down and run to another rain drop card.

Make sure to remind students to not step on the cards. If they step on the laminated cards they could slip and fall. (You could use just paper cards as well, but I laminate mine so that they stay in better shape longer.)

Here are the exercises I have on the back of my cards:

1. Run 1 Lap around the gym.
2. Run 2 Laps around the gym.
3. Run 3 Laps around the gym.
4. Skip 1 Lap around the gym.
5. Skip 2 Laps around the gym.
6. Gallop 1 Lap around the gym.
7. Shuffle 1 Lap around the gym.
8. Gallop 2 Laps around the gym.
9. Shuffle 2 Laps around the gym.
10. Run 1 Lap around the gym backwards.
11. 10 Jumping Jacks
12. 15 Jumping Jacks
13. 10 Shoulder-Touch Push-Ups
14. 15 Shoulder-Touch Push-Ups
15. Stretch your Legs for 30 Seconds
16. Stretch your Arms for 30 Seconds
17. 1 Set of ABC Push-Ups
18. Run and High-5 a Friend
19. Crab Walk to another card.
20. Seal Walk to another card.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

– Pictures on the back of the cards of the exercises you want them to perform.

– Special cards for students with disabilities only.

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