Roller-skating Assessment


Name of Activity:

Roller-skating Assessment

Purpose of Activity:

To assess students rollerskating abilities.

Suggested Grade Level:


Description of Idea

The assessment is a rubric I designed that covers the critical elements of the rollerskating skills that were taught.

I observe these skills/behaviors and record and at the end of skating they do the same checklist as a self assessment and then I compare theirs with mine.

Frequency is determined by me using tally marks when I see a student fall. When they fall I watch to see if they get up correctly according to the cues listed on the assessment sheet.

Some of the things I look for:

1) Knows/Does: Steps involved in standing up correctly
2) Falling down frequency and as to whether done correctly.
3) Do they get up correctly / incorrectly after a fall.
4) Stopping on the Signal: Always, sometimes, never stop on signal.
5) Special skills: backwards, corner crossovers, fluidity, going through cones.
6) Behavior: Keeps hands to self, doesn’t bother others or make fun of others, skates safely, doesn’t purposely fall down.

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