Runaround Badminton


Name of Activity:

Runaround Badminton

Purpose of Activity:

To work on the underhand forehand stroke in badminton and it is a good cardiovascualr workout if done properly.


This game is best played after several lessons on properly hitting the birdie with an underhand stroke. This is more of a culminating activity.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

4 badminton nets,
20 badminton racquets,
12 birdies

Description of Idea

Students will underhand badminton strokes for this challenge. The students will be split up across all four of the courts with about four or five on a court. The students will be hitting the birdie and then running around the poles to the other side. There are two people on a side to start. The game starts with an underhand serve. Once you hit the birdie you run to the other side of the net. The object is to keep the birdie going for as long as possible. If there is a fifth person, they just rotate in after someone hits the birdie and takes their place. For safety reasons, it would be beneficial for the courts to be spread out.

Have the teams keep track of how many times they can keep the birdie in the air. Once they get a number, have them try and better that number.

If the teams are at the level that they understand the concepts of competition, have them see if they can beat the scores of another court.


Allow choices of racquets and birdies.

The courts may vary in size to add challenge; they can be larger and smaller depending on the needs of the students.

Vary the running rules. Some students may need to run under the net or may even need to stay on their side of the net “all the time.”

Use demonstration to make sure the instructions are clear to all team members.

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