Soccer Golf


Name of Activity:

Soccer Golf

Purpose of Activity:

This activity can be used during a soccer unit, a games unit or in conjunction with a game day.

Activity cues:

Inside of the Foot Pass
Kicking for Distance


Teaching to use the inside of the foot when kicking a soccer ball.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

9 broken hula hoops,
18-12″ cones,
small flags with numbers 1-9,
pencils and scoresheets,
a soccer ball for every student

Description of Idea

Set Up:

  • Set up course in large playing area or field
  • Use the broken hula hoops and put the two ends in two 12″ cones — this is the target that students are aiming for.
  • Use the small cones as the tee off spots. Put a number 1 flag in the first small cone etc. Students can follow the course better if the 6″ cone and the hula hoop they are kicking towards are color coordinated.

Soccer Golf:

  • Each student gets a soccer ball
  • Students are divided into 9 groups (2 or 3 per group) —
  • Students start all over the course some at 1st hole, some at 2nd, some at 3rd, etc.
  • Each group gets one pencil and one scoresheet — they are competing against the others in their group only or each student can set their own goal and compete against him/herself.
  • Put the ball down by the small cone and see how many kicks it takes to get the soccer ball though the hoop — (it can go through the hoop from either direction) — they will know which hoop to aim at because the small cone and the hoop are color coordinated — (if they start at a small yellow cone they should be aiming for a yellow hoop)

Important Considerations:

  • Students MUST let the ball stop before they kick it again
  • Students move through the course from hole to hole in number order and record score in the appropriate square on the score sheet
  • If they play a little faster they should not pass the group in front of them
  • If a group finishes all nine holes they can start a second game
  • Make sure the kids understand that the LOWEST score wins


  • There can be designated “out of bounds areas” — if the ball goes there — add two points
  • If anyone kicks the ball before it stops they add 2 points to their score

Assessment Ideas:

Comparing scoresheets from game to game.
Compare student’s own goal score to par.
An observation of students to see if they are using the inside of their foot.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Wheelchair students are given a ball to throw instead of kicking.

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