STI Gallery


Name of Activity:

STI Gallery

Purpose of Activity:

To allow the students to research and create presentations to teach their classmates about sexually transmitted infections.

Suggested Grade Level:

6-8 and 9-12

Materials Needed:

8-12 computers

Description of Idea

The class will be divided into groups of 3, each group will be assigned a specific sexually transmitted infection to research and teach their classmates about. They will then create a powerpoint presentation with 5-6 slides outlining the STI:

What it is?
How do you get it?
How do you know you have it?
How do you prevent it or decrease the risk of getting it?
Resources for help.

One person from each group will stay at the computer to present to their classmates as they rotate through the STI’s. The other two students from the group will circulate to the other presentations to gather the information from their classmates. Each student from the group will take a turn presenting their group’s information.


If you do not have computers available to you for the entire class to use, you can print the information for the students to use and have them simply create a poster to present to their classmates.

Assessment Ideas:

Group Grade: Powerpoint Presentations will…
…have a title slide 3 pts
…will have a “what is it” slide 10 pts
…have a “how do you get it” slide(s) 10 pts
…have a “how do you know you have it” slide 10 pts
…have a “how to prevent it or decrease it slide 10 pts
…have a “Resources for help” slide 10 pts
…Will contain accurate information 5 pts
…Will be aesthetically pleasing 5 pts
…Will be emailed to the class 2 pts

Individual Grade: Group members will…
…actively contribute to the preparation
of the project 5 pts
…speak to their audience and demonstrate content knowledge by not reading from the presentation and maintaining eye contact 10 pts


Groups of students could also help in creating an assessment activity for their particular STI.

Teaching Suggestions:

Students must be aware of what is inappropriate and appropriate for slides.

Teachers should check local policy for sex education courses in their schools.

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