Super 19 Food Groups Relay


Name of Activity:

Super 19 Food Groups Relay

Purpose of Activity:

This activity, taught during the nutrition unit, gives the students an opportunity to learn about My Plate and the numbers of foods that are suggested to eat from each of the groups each day.


Teaching the Super 19 concept, an understanding of a relay.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

6 folded mats, 2 long beach noodles, Bean bags – Orange, green, blue, red, purple (enough for each team to create the SUPER 19, See numbers of each color in the description section),
4-6 relay sticks or hand-off batons,
A hand-out sheet listing the Super 19 (and later removing it to see if students remember!) as a reference guide

Description of Idea

Super 19 Food Groups Relay

The Virginia Extension Agency created a handout entitled, THE SUPER 19. This number represents the number of servings of foods we should get each day from the food groups: 2 meat/beans (purple,) 3 fruits (red,) 3 dairy (blue,) 4 vegetables (green,) and 5 grains (orange.) This is a great starting point for students to begin to determine if they are getting foods from all of the food groups, and if their servings are balanced.


Six Folded Mats are placed at center court to create a circle. Inside the circle are 1 or 2 chefs who will hold wooden spoons (long pool/beach noodles.)

On the mats are bean bags in orange, green, red, blue, and purple, spread all around the edges of the mats.
Around the perimeter of the gym are 4-6 teams of up to 4-5 students on each relay team. Have the smallest number of students in a group as possible; 2-3 is best.

The object of the activity is to collect all of the Super 19, as represented by the color of the bean bags.

The concept of DODGING is an extension of this activity as the student with the relay stick approaches the “kitchen” and attempts to grab the needed color bean bag before being tagged by the chef with the “wooden spoon” (noodle.) If tagged, the bean bag must be returned. If not tagged, the student returns the bean bag, hands off the relay stick to the next team member, and the team continues to collect bean bags until they have all of the SUPER 19!

Super 19 Handout


You could have the people standing in line waiting to go do an exercise (to act like the body using the calories) of that food group (bean bag). Example: a red bean bag could be a serving of fruit, roughly 30 calories. They could do 3 jumping jacks to burn of 10 calories each.

Assessment Ideas:

Assessment Sheet:

Name the food groups.
How many servings are suggested that we eat each day?
How many servings in the meat/beans group? dairy? grains? vegetables? fruits?

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