Throw and Catch Math Integration


Name of Activity:

Throw and Catch Math Integration

Academic content:


Purpose of Activity:

To integrate the skills of throwing and catching with the academic concepts of addition and subtraction.


To be familiar with the skills of underhand and overhand throwing and catching.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

yarn balls or any soft ball

Physical activity:

Throw & Catch

Description of Idea

Students are placed in groups of three in the general space, standing approximately 5-7 feet apart. Two students will throw and catch, while the third student will record the total points accumulated, by the team of three, during each trial.

Warm-up/practice with underhand and overhand throwing techniques.

The first throw to start can be an underhand toss with the emphasis being on catching with two hands.

Once completed, students will take two steps back to begin the activity. If the group can throw and catch the ball successfully, they will receive points. For example, if a throw is made and the partner catches it inside the trunk area, they get two points and if the catch is made in any other place, they get one point. If a student drops the ball, four points are deducted from the team score.

If and when the team gets to 21, students will step back once again two more steps. Students continue the process of trying to get 21 additional points for a total of 42 points. During the throwing and catching session, if the catcher has to move out of his standing position (more than a pivot), students must deduct 10 points from their score.

The teacher should rotate the students every three minutes with the “new” thrower and catcher taking a few practice throws before continuing the actvity. (They should continue with the previous score, with the goal of getting as many team points as possible. (There will be a different recorder every three minutes.)

Assessment Ideas:

Have a formal recording sheet for the recorder.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

This lesson idea can be adapted by decreasing the distance, changing the type of throw and/or the type of object that is thrown.

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