Turkey Shoot


Name of Activity:

Turkey Shoot

Purpose of Activity:

To practice the skills of tracking and ball rolling, while participating in a fun holiday activity.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

“Turkeys” (potato chip can, tennis ball can, or plastic bowling pin with a turkey cut-out taped to it), 5″-7″ foam balls. Have enough so each group of two students has a turkey and a ball.

Description of Idea

Set up:
Place “turkeys” along one side of the playing area, at least 2 feet apart. One student will stand behind the “turkey” while the partner stands 8-10 feet away with the foam ball, facing the “turkey.”

After reviewing the skill of rolling a ball (eye on the target, step with opposite foot, bend knees and lower to the ground, release ball close to the floor), explain to the students that they are trying to knock over the turkey. One of them will stand behind the turkey to set it up again if knocked down and to retrieve the ball. The other will stand about 8 feet away and will roll the ball towards the target. After each attempt, they will switch positions. After a few minutes, have students stop briefly to listen again to the cues, so they know what the teacher is looking for in the skill attempt.

Assessment Ideas:

Using a checklist, observe the form (rudimentary, functional, or mature) that is demonstrated by each student when rolling the ball.

Teaching Suggestions:

Allow students to adjust the starting point with each roll. If they miss, have them move closer. If they are successful, move farther away.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Adjust the distance to the target, the size of the target, and the size of the ball used. There are balls available that have a tether attached. Then a student could retrieve his/her own ball.

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