Understanding the Key Points for Basketball Skills


Name of Activity:

Understanding the Key Points for Basketball Skills

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose is for the students to work together in pairs helping each other understand the purpose of the key points of each skill being described.

Suggested Grade Level:


Description of Idea

Stations are set up for each skill on the sheet listed below. More than one pair can work at a station. Each pair of students have an assessment sheet and a pencil. Each sheet has the set shot, lay up, chest pass, and dribbling. Below each skill are 3-4 key points for the student to focus on while demonstrating/observing the skill.

While one student demonstrates the skill, the observer communicates the key points he/she is looking for. As the observer recognizes the key points he/she makes a check mark next to that key point.

Teaching Suggestions:

Learning is reinforced as students demonstrate the skill, watch the skill being performed, and also by reading the key points to the demonstrator.

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