UNO Basketball Warm Up


Name of Activity:

UNO Basketball Warm Up

Purpose of Activity:

To practice basketball dribbling and passing.


Students must have been introduced to the skill of dribbling and passing for basketball prior to the lesson.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

UNO cards, 4 cones (red, blue, yellow, green), basketballs – one for each student.

Description of Idea

Gym Set Up – Place one cone in front of each wall of the gym. On each cone place a sign (either bounce pass, chest pass, overhead pass, baseball pass, etc.). In the middle of the gym, spread out the UNO cards face down. A large number of students may require 2 decks of UNO cards. Remove the WILD cards and SKIP 4 cards from the deck. Each student must have their own basketball.

Students will go to the middle of the gym and pick up a card and look at it (leave the card there after looking at it – face down). If they picked up a RED UNO card they go to the wall with the red cone, and perform the basketball pass that is written on the RED cone. For example, if the student gets a 4 RED card, he/she will perform 4 “chest passes” against that wall. There are also SKIP and REVERSE cards in the UNO deck.

SKIP cards = dribbling the ball while walking, skipping, jogging around the colored cone that corresponds to the card.

REVERSE cards = dribbling the ball while walking backward around the colored cone that corresponds to the card.


You can also integrate math with this lesson. Have the students multiply the number on their UNO card by 2 or 3.

Teaching Suggestions:

While the students are working on their UNO tasks, it is easy to assess their skill development for each of the skills.

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