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Videogame Progression for Moving


Name of Activity:

Videogame Progression for Moving

Purpose of Activity:

To motivate students to moving safely in space using different locomotor skills among peers.


Variety of locomotor movements such as walking, galloping, and safe running.

Suggested Grade Level:

K – 2

Description of Idea

Videogame moving is to be used in conjunction with a tag game. You need to tell the students that they must pass each level before they can move onto running in a game, which is what students love to do.

The levels go as follows:

Level 1 speed walking
Level 2 galloping
Level 3 running

Students must demonstrate each of the following to move to the next locomotor level:

1. No bumping into one another.
2. Moving at the appropriate level.
3. No falling onto the ground.
4. No injuries.

* Each level goes for one minute and thirty seconds.
* If all students move safely in the minute and thirty seconds, they move on to the next level.

This method has reduced the number of injuries significantly.


Change the locomotor skills to what you have been covering in class.

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