Watch My Feet


Name of Activity:

Watch My Feet


Familiar with pedometers.

Suggested Grade Level:

3 – 5

Materials Needed:

A basic function pedometer for each student.

Description of Idea

Students find a partner. Both students will wear a pedometer that is re-set to zero.

On command students begin jogging in place. Both participants should be watching and counting the number of steps their counter part is taking during the 30 seconds bout. Check count against pedometer then re-set to zero and go again. Repeat several times.

The objective is to be able to accurately guess the other person’s pedometer score.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

If student is in wheel chair, have the student roll their chair back and forth over a small bump to register the pedometer. For students that have limited mobility, have them move the pedometer with the most appropriate body part to participate in this activity.

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