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World Cup Soccer Tournament


Name of Activity:

World Cup Soccer Tournament

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose of this activity is to engage the students in a fun, competitive activity, while learning about other cultures and their soccer traditions.


Several classes should have been spent on soccer fundamentals (dribbling, passing, and shooting skills.)

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Soccer ball,
Data projector,

Description of Idea

I got this idea when I was teaching in another school district. Several of my students came from different countries (Albania, Bosnia, Mexico) in which soccer was EXTREMELY popular. The men’s World Cup was being played that year, and I wanted to recognize that, and get the kids excited about the games. I decided to hold a “World Cup” soccer tournament.
I divided the class into five teams (six players per team).

Each team chose to represent a country playing in the World Cup, a few weeks prior to the tournament when we were still working on skills. We had Brazil, Germany, England, Italy, and Mexico. As part of an assignment, each team designed a large flag (of their country) and wrote one page about their country’s soccer traditions.

I used a CD entitled “Maps and Facts,” which played each country’s national anthem on the computer. During “opening ceremonies,” the teams were introduced and marched in with their flags to their country’s national anthem. Over a few classes, we played tournament format soccer. The kids still talk about it to this day, as it was something different in physical education!


Eliminate the research part of the activity

Use a “sponge” ball to play with

Increase the size of the goals

Assessment Ideas:

You may choose to give a quiz to the students (name three things that you learned about your country’s or others’ soccer traditions,etc.

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